Free Education

          Nowadays education is a choice for some, while others school is not option. One aspect to be concerned about it student dropout rates. Many students dropout of school between the ages of 15 and above. Kids dropout for many reasons. Some reasons are due to help their family, financial problem or just didn’t care about for their future. But also something is definitely wrong with the education system, more so nowadays than the earlier time in the history as well. That kids are pressure to meet standards of the school that say if they pass or fail or personally if the kid is good enough or not.
          It seems unfair that people who have less money are going to miss more opportunities even they want to pursue their dreams. Though it may be true, but all people should be able to become qualified to go to school or work and even though a disable person is hardly guaranteed such a job position the opportunities should not be ruled out as a default, some people are going to use free education as a way of getting out of work and as a way of doing nothing with their lives.
          Despite the up sides and down sides that come with the free education to every one. It is sadly universities and colleges will spoil it. These day students loans are very easy to get and this resulted in colleges and universities putting their prices up.